Imaging improvements in Lumia Black move Lumia 1020 to the top in image quality

January 15th, 2014

We measured camera speed and quality with the new Lumia Black update for Nokia Lumia 1020 and compared it to the Amber software. Measurements were made for both 38MP and oversampled 5MP pictures.

Measured Device Details
ModelLumia 1020 (NOKIA RM-875_eu_finland_208)
OS Version8.0.10517.0
Picture Resolution38MP (7136x5360)
5MP (2592x1936)

The Black update improves both 5MP and 38MP pictures quality wise. Sharpness stayed approximately the same, but color accuracy and noise results were better with the update. Image capture speed didn't improve. 5MP pictures were actually slightly slower to take than with the Amber software. Overall the update was very welcome and Lumia 1020's image quality is now number one in our benchmark reports as can be seen in the chart below.

Overall camera performance combining camera speed and quality

Lumia 1020 scores

However, image quality is still not perfect with Lumia 1020. Sharpness of the corners is poorer than in the center of the image. There has also been some variance between individual devices measured regarding the sharpness of the corners. The weakest part of the Lumia 1020 camera is image capturing speed, which is really slow compared to other devices.

Sample crop: Edge on the center of the image (38MP, 100%)
Lumia 1020 sample

Sample crop: Edge on the top left corner of the image (38MP, 100%)
Lumia 1020 sample top left corner

Images below show how the colors and texture sharpness have been changed in the Black update. Colors are more realistic and the amount of noise is reduced significantly. Texture sharpness was close between black and amber update, so there is not much difference in the dead leaves picture.

Sample crop: Part of the Macbeth chart and dead leaves (38MP, 100%)
Lumia 1020 Part of the Macbeth chart and dead leaves

Lumia 1020 edge sharpness

Lumia 1020 edge texture sharpness

Lumia 1020 color accurace

Lumia 1020 saturation

Lumia 1020 noise snr

Lumia 1020 visual noise

Lumia 1020 first image time (startup + focus + image capture)

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Lumia 1020 for our measurements was provided by Wextra Oy.

Sofica Team