SoMA: Revolutionizing Camera Testing

Your Best Product into the Market Sooner

The Problem: Testing Subjectivity, Inconsistent Results

Testing of multimedia features commonly requires an extensive amount of manual work and the utilization of single tools. Therefore, test results are based on human observation and vary significantly depending on the particular testers. This can result in inherent testing subjectivity, a problem that can lead to unreliability, production delays and unnecessary costs .

The Solution: Objective Testing, Precise Results

SoMA’s innovative computerized testing methods revolutionize built-in camera testing by enhancing objectivity, maximizing effectiveness and quickening the development of the product being tested.In other words, SoMA offers you the ability to have greater quality, consistency and reliability for your product.

SoMA’s automated testing system provides optimal functions that go beyond a manual approach. It begins by increasing the load capacity and speed of the essential tests that must be executed in the development of your product. The computerized system also increases the accuracy of the testing process which inevitably provides precise results that are comparable to those obtained previously. In other words, you are able to rapidly perform a greater number of tests more often, while obtaining accurate test results with minimal error. In addition, SoMA also makes it possible for you to repeat identical tests and compare past results efficiently.

Early Problem Detection

Frequent, fast, accurate, easy-to-run tests generate effortless and instantaneous problem detection.  SoMA gives you the considerable advantage of identifying potential problems and defects early on in the development of the product. Early problem detection promotes quick and easy correction, ensuring substantial quality, robustness and reliability of your product.

Standards-based Image Quality Testing

Integrate Imatest IT software and test charts with SoMA test routines to add well-known image quality testing analysis. Imatest’s alignment with industry standards provides customers with comparable metrics in order to assess camera system image quality.

See a complete list of supported features on our Technology page.


  • Automated & Reusable Test System - True automation of testing is key as it provides for new test procedures, such as very accurate testing of large image content and very efficient regression testing.
  • Easy & Fast Problem Detection - Automated regression tests after each new version, validate the quality of implementation changes and new features. Different test reports highlight the critical issues and test trends.
  • Better & Continuous Product Quality - Testing against different implementation layers together with large test mass offers a very solid base upon which to develop high quality products.
  • Faster Time-to-Market - All these benefits reduce the time it takes to put your product on the market and increase confidence in the product.
  • Benchmarking - Establish your product's proficiency as well as highlighting comparisons between yours and other existing competitor products.




Key features

  • Automated Testing - full test automation without human interaction. The images are captured in an isolated environment and verified using mathematical algorithms.
  • FW update - Update device firmware automatically before each test run.
  • Compatibility - Suitable for most hardware and software platforms and software layers.
  • Variety - Multiple, selectable and separately usable test levels. The different testing levels ensure efficient testing at key phases of development. Depending on the existing test entity, different combinations of these test levels can be selected to support the camera development phases in the most efficient way.
  • Multi-device Support - Robot arm can switch device under test without human interaction.
  • Explicit test reports - Test report contains measured values, test thresholds and captured images as well as additional information like debugging tips.
  • Tailored Test System - SoMA is modular and can be customized to meet your requirements.