Sofica IQLaR

Automate your imaging laboratory using Sofica robotics and techonology

IQLaR - Ímage quality laboratory automation and robotics

Upgrade your image quality testing laboratory on new level.

Take of advantage of Sofica test automation tools and robotics in your imaging laboratory.

IQLaR is modular and can be configured based on each customer requirements. If system does not satisfy all requirements, functionality can be added without constructing a whole new solution.

Example setup of IQLaR system in laboratory space


  • Reduce manual work during product develpment. Engineers can focus on their main tasks to increase camera quality, instead of waisting time with manual testing.
  • Increase usability level of laboratory space to 24h/7
  • Decrease posibility for mistakes during testing
  • Increased repeatability with robotics and automation
  • Automated system provides possibility for benchmarking against top competitor devices without human resource costs

Key features

Sofica 6-axis robot arm to move testable device in different positions and against different test targets (charts or scenes).

  • Automatic camera to chart distance adjustment
  • Automatic camera to chart alignment
  • Automatic lightning control
  • Multi-device Support - Robot arm can switch device under test without human interaction.

Adding linear track under robot arm will increase amount of possible testing targets and provides long distance adjustment


Sofica test automation tools:

  • To control and execute testing
  • Monitor test execution and review test results
  • Automatic light illumination (lux) and uniformity measurement (loopback)
  • Command device to capture image and download to server
  • Analyze captured images utilizing computational algoritms (Sofica, Imatest IT or 3rd party)
  • Test results stored in database



  • Possibility to control whole system from your existing testing system via IQLaR API