SBR Test environment

Sofica’s imaging laboratory is used to measure camera speed and image quality. The imaging laboratory includes 2x3,5m test scene with standard test charts, high quality lights, tripods for camera mounting and SBR test system to execute measurement and validate results.


Environment picture

Kino Flo light system is used in the imaging laboratory. The system contains four Kino Flo IMAGE 45 DMX lights. The lights contain Kino-Flo True Match tubes which color temperature is 5500 K. Sofica Benchmark Report is measured using one illumination environment; 1000 lux. According to the measurements, the illumination difference is less than ±5% between the test charts. Adjustable light system can be used to execute low light measurements, too.

Test scene

The background of the scene is 18% neutral matt grey and test charts are mounted to the scene. The scene contains following test charts:

  • 20 grey patches to calculate OECF curve and ISO noise
  • Macbeth color chart to color accuracy measurements
  • Slanted edge charts in the middle and each corner to sharpness measurement's
    • 5% angle is used
    • 4:1 contrast is used
  • Dead leaves chart to sharpness measurement and to detect denoising and sharpening defects
  • Optionally, the scene can include for example face figures to detect face detection speed and quality.

Sofica Benchmark Report detects every test chart from the captured images automatically and measures corresponding image quality values.

Test measurements

The measurements are done according to the following standards

  • Slanted edge based resolution measurements are done according to the ISO12233:2000
  • Texture resolution is based on CPIQ recommendations (formerly IEEE P1858 work group)
  • Color measurements are based on CIE S 014-6/E:2013
  • Noise measurements are based on ISO 15739:2003 and ISO 15739:2013