New software lowers the camera scoring in LG Nexus 5

January 9th, 2014

We measured the LG Nexus 5 camera performance after software update from Android 4.4. to Android 4.4.2. The performance of the new version was slightly worse than the old one even if the difference was quite minimal.

Overall camera performance combining camera speed and quality.

Nexus 5 Sofica score

Image quality

Nexus 5 quality score

Camera speed

Nexus 5 speed score

Overall time to take pictures has improved with the software update, but A/V synchronization was worse and caused the speed score to be lower. A snapshot from the CamSpeed database below reveals that the most significant differences have actually happened in low light environment where the updated camera software is a fair bit faster than the old one.

Nexus 5 average CamSpeed results in low-light conditions

OS VersionScoreStart-up (ms), Focus (ms) & Image capture (ms)Total Time (ms)
880 ms
1396 ms
1216 ms
588 ms
1273 ms
490 ms

In general LG Nexus 5 does not compete with top smartphones in the market regarding the camera performance. In Sofica measurements it fits into lower end of measured devices. Focus speed and texture sharpness were the weakest part of the device, whereas, SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio) was better than average.

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Sofica Team