Lumia series: Fast camera and good image quality not available in the same package

January 31th, 2014

Updated February 3rd, 2014: Lumia 2520 added.

We compared Nokia Lumia series cameras by using each device with maximum resolution as it is expected to be used by most end users as well. Measurements were done in our Imaging Lab by using the latest software for each device.

Device Details
Lumia 2520Windows RT 8.16MP (2848x2136)
Lumia 1520WP 8.0.10517.019MP (4992x3744)
Lumia 1020WP 8.0.10517.038MP (7136x5360)
Lumia 925WP 8.0.10517.08MP (3264x2448)
Lumia 625WP 8.0.10517.05MP (2592x1936)

Generally the results are not surprising, the cheaper the phone is, the lower the image quality is and in case of Lumia 2520, even the high price does not guarantee high image quality. On the other hand, the top models cameras are slow because huge sensor size requires a lot of processing power. You cannot get speed and quality in same package.

Lumia Comparison Chart

Image Quality

It is interesting that 925 and 1520 have strong artificial sharpening in the images whereas 625 and 1020 have no sharpening used at all.

Lumia Comparison Images

Lumia 1520 images are clearly reddish, which generates poor color scores. In quality measurements the color fidelity is the only area where 925 and 625 are competitive against 1520 and 1020. Otherwise 1520 and 1020 are clearly better. Lumia 2520 images have less noise than the images of 625 or 925, but color scores are not as good as on the other devices.

Lumia Comparison saturation error

Camera Speed

In speed measurements the trend is clear, lower sensor sized 2520, 925 and 625 beat the 1520 and 1020 almost in all speed measurement areas. Only exception is focus speed which is best in 1020 device.

Lumia Comparison speed

The audio/video synchronization delay is interesting in 1520. It is the only Lumia device which audio component is leading video component in recorded video. This might be consequence of the new microphone system of 1520.

Lumia Comparison av sync

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Special thanks to our partner Wextra Oy for providing the Lumia devices for our testing.

Sofica Team