iPhone 5 wins iPhone 5s in camera quality

January 9th, 2014

We compared cameras of three Apple iPhone models: iPhone 5, 5c and 5s. Even though all models have got very good camera reviews in many places, it seems that there has not been any significant development in iPhone camera since iPhone 5.

Take a look following speed and quality comparison. In general the results are very close to each other, differences are only marginal.

iPhone 5 quality chart

Camera speed is great in all iPhones. Especially the burst capture works very fast compared to any other phone model as well. iPhone 5s has the fastest camera as expected, but good old iPhone 5 beats the 5c model in camera speed due to faster burst speed.

The biggest surprise in our measurements was that iPhone 5s had the poorest image quality score. iPhone 5 and 5c are at same level which is pretty much expected. The reason for slightly lower image quality in iPhone 5s is poorer texture resolution. We also noticed that the weakest point in iPhone image quality in general is Apple specific color adjustments, which causes low color scoring in all models.

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Sofica Team