Stress Testing

Stress testing, as the name suggests, aims to identify the limits of the camera system, by testing the robustness and stability of the system. Furthermore, it reveals cumulative defects of the system and analyzes the memory usage.

SoMA simplifies the creation of large stress test entities, consisting of API, functional, performance and quality tests. This enables, for example, the generation of performance statistics from long duration tests.

Random testing is one way to search for unexpected defects. Different tests are randomly executed against camera system and the corresponding test execution schemes and logs are saved. If defects are detected, the saved test flow can be executed again and the defects can be analyzed more closely.

Stress testing, like all SoMA testing, automatically saves data in the event of a crash, which helps to resolve the root cause. The crash data files comprise process information, file handlers, system log, memory information and tombstone log.