Quality of Image and Video

The quality testing by SoMA enables standards based testing of camera and video processing algorithms in a compact and isolated test environment. Our computational based quality analysis guarantees that your camera and video processing algorithms will be tested in an objective, reliable and repeatable way in every R&D phase.

Quality testing of the camera algorithms

Quality testing of the camera algorithms helps to fine tune the captured images. Testing against standardized test charts gives absolute and comparable information of the quality of the whole camera system.

Standardized test charts like Macbeth and noise charts together with automated algorithm testing evaluate the corresponding features of the camera

Quality testing of the video processing algorithms

Quality of the processed video stream is the most common problem when developing new multimedia products. Video processing algorithms can introduce distortion in the video signal, so testing video quality in every R&D phase is important.

SoMA's video processing algorithm testing helps to find anomalous behaviour of encoders and decoders like Audio-Video Synchronization problems from processed video stream.