CamSpeed GOLD

A Mobile Application for Camera Speed Comparison

CamSpeed GOLD ranks the camera speed against other devices and displays the actual measured times of the camera functionalities.


CamSpeed GOLD measures the most significant metrics of your mobile device, which are:

  • Startup time
  • Focus time
  • Shutter time with and without the flash
  • Image capturetime with and without flash
  • Total time with and without flash

The measuring takes just a few seconds and upon completion of it, you receive a summary report containing the performance ranking, score with/without a flash, and measurement results.

CamSpeed GOLD also gathers additional data such as measurement conditions, including lighting as well as device info containing details about the device, software and camera. Measurement conditions and device info are also shown on the measurement report.

CamSpeed GOLD license includes access to the Sofica Benchmark database which provides complete detailed results. The database already contains over 10.000 camera speed measurements for over 300 devices and these numbers continue to constantly increase. You can compare your results against other measurements of the database via web interface.

Free CamSpeed Application

CamSpeed is a camera performance benchmark app for mobile devices.

CamSpeed measures the performance of your mobile camera and publishes the results to the Sofica Database. You can compare the performance of your device to other user's devices and share the results on social networking sites.

Download CamSpeed today and find out how your cellphone rates against other top devices in the market.



Focus time depends on many things such as distance to object.

To make as many comparable focus time results as possible on different devices, take pictures from the same object and from the same distance on all devices.

Other results are more comparable. Most variability here is caused by the image compression, so taking pictures of the same objects with different devices gives the best results.


How fast is your device's camera? Find out now, it's free!

Download CamSpeed today and find out how your cellphone rates against other top devices in the market.



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