CamSpeed Application

CamSpeed is a camera performance benchmark for mobile devices.


It measures time to take pictures and allows you to publish your results to the online charts.

You can also compare your results with other devices or users.

CamSpeed allows you to configure the camera resolution, focus mode and flash mode for the test run.

This application was made to help you make camera performance comparison easier between devices.

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Measured variables are

  • Focus Time. Time from focus call to successfull focus event.
  • Capture Start/Shutter Time. Time from capture call to the moment when the capture sequence has started.
  • Capture Image/JPEG Available. Time from capture call to the moment when an image is available.
  • Capture Completed. Time from capture call to the moment when the capture sequence is complete.
  • Shot To Shot. Time between sequential captures.



Focus time depends on many things such as distance to object.

To make as comparable focus time results as possible on different devices, take pictures from the same object and from the same distance on all devices.

Other results are more comparable. Most variability here is caused by the image compression, so taking pictures from same objects with different devices gives the best results.

Application is now available

CamSpeed for Windows Phone from Marketplace.

CamSpeed for Android from Google Play.

CamSpeed for Meego Harmattan from Ovi Store.

CamSpeed for iOS from App Store.