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Results / Device


NameOS Version
TCL i709M4.4.4
WEXLER TAB 7i 3G4.1.1
Spreadtrum H24.3.3
LGE LG-F2404.1.2
Sony C53034.3
CXQ V84.4.2
RIM Q104.3
samsung SHV-E370K4.2.2
LGE LG-D8024.4.2
LGE Nexus 55.0
HTC Desire 6104.4.2
LENOVO Lenovo K9104.4.2
samsung GT-S72624.1.2
Micromax A3154.4.2
RIM Passport4.3
LGE LG-E9754.4.2
samsung GT-N70004.1.2
BBK vivo X1St4.2.1
UZTE V8084.2.2
Android ZTE V987u4.4.4
LGE LG-E4554.1.2
ThL W200S4.2.2
Philips W65004.2.2
RIM Z104.3
Device Fresh4.2.2
Fly IQ4514.2.1
Foxconn International Holdings Limited InFocus M3204.2.2
alps GINZZU RS9D4.2.1
ThL W1004.2.1
Teclast P88HD(C5GV)4.2.2
UMI X2 UMI X24.2.1
RIM Q54.2.2
HTC One X4.2.2
Device Atom4.2.2
DNS S50014.2.1
alps RMD-8554.1.2
Sony LT22i4.1.2
HUAWEI HN3-U004.2.2
alps Five4.2.1
MID Nautilus 3D4.0.4
Shenzhen Chengrun Communication Device Co., Ltd KENEKSI-Fire4.2.2
alps Q54.2.1
HUAWEI G700-U104.2.1
samsung SAMSUNG-SGH-I7474.4.2
LEADCORE L18134.2.1
alps e1808_v75_jbl1a535mt9p0174.0.4
HTC Desire 500 dual sim4.1.2
HTC Desire 6014.2.2
alps W114.2.2
Prestigio PAP4322DUO4.1.1
HUAWEI U9200E4.0.3
Sony C69034.3
Sony Xperia Miro4.1.2
ZTE A21plus4.0.4
LGE Nexus 54.4.2
samsung GT-I95004.3
HTC One4.1.2
GT-I9500 GT-I95004.2.2
samsung GT-S72704.2.2
Motorola Solutions Futon4.2.2
alps S8204.2.2
RIM Q104.2.2
Prestigio PAP4500DUO4.1.2
alps e1911_v77_jbaol_g204.0.4
Prestigio PMP3570C4.0.4
Fly IQ44044.2.2
ZWX ZP9804.2.1
Sony C21054.1.2
alps A5ENZE4.1.1
NOTE T300-NOTE234.0.3
alps Apple Iphone 4S2.3.6
ThL W114.2.1
samsung GT-mini I95004.2.2
HUAWEI P6-U064.2.2
LENOVO Lenovo S820_ROW4.2.1
android A94.1.1
alps e1908_v77_jbl14.0.4
unknown generic2.3.4
samsung SHV-E210S4.1.2
ViewSonic ViewPad 7D4.0.4
rockchip U30GT 24.2.2
sprd 9100S4.0.4
VOBIS Spark4.0.4
sprd GT-N93004.0.3
MT GT-T95004.2.0
Fly Uno2.3.6
RIM Q52.3.3
rockchip CW V8 Dual4.1.1
CMDC M6014.2.1
LGE LG-E6124.1.2
LJIAN L0074.0.4
unknown e1108_v73_jbaol1g18flash8p44.0.9
samsung SHV-E160K4.0.4
LGE LG-F320S4.2.2
HTC Desire SV4.0.4
Sony Ericsson ST17i2.3.4
MegaFon MegaFon_SP-AI4.0.4
LGE LG-E4404.1.2
LGE LG-F240S4.1.2
DNS s45044.0.4
Digma DIGMA iDsD7 3G4.0.4
LGE LG-P7654.0.4
samsung SHV-E300K4.2.2
Sony C66024.2.2
LGE LG-F180L4.1.2
Sony C21044.1.2
LGE LG-P7054.0.3
rockchip TM-9747BT4.1.1
TCT TCL Y9104.2.2
NVIDIA Oysters T344.0.4
DXWC A19S4.2.1
samsung GT-I90824.1.2
alps FLY IQ2302.3.6
Sony C53034.1.2
GT-I9300 GT-I93004.2.1
OLD X707 android4.1.1
HUAWEI U8825D4.0.4
Sony LT25i4.1.2
Prestigio PAP4500TDUO4.1.1
Explay Infinity4.0.3
sprd Fly IQ2382.3.5
asus ME301T4.2.1
samsung GT-I95004.2.2
Digma iDx54.0.3
alps wistron89_tb_m3g_jb24.2.1
alps wistron89_tb_mwf_jb24.2.2
RIM Z104.2.2
JYT JY-G24.1.2
HTC One SV4.1.2
alps HTC ONE 4G+4.0.3
unknown SENSEIT P42.3.6
JYT JY-G24.0.4
Lenovo P7704.1.2
Sony Ericsson LT26i4.1.2
samsung GT-I93084.0.4
HUAWEI U92004.1.1
Xiaomi MI 1S4.1.2
Samsung GT-I81504.2.2
Sony Ericsson LT26w4.0.4
HUAWEI MTC 9502.2.2
unknown generic2.2
Sony Ericsson LT26ii4.0.4
samsung GT-S53022.3.6
alps A2064.0.4
HUAWEI U8655-12.3.6
manufacturer FW89374.0.4
alps IQ4514.1.2
samsung SAMSUNG-SGH-I8272.3.6
samsung GT-S5570I2.3.6
samsung GT-I90704.1.2
samsung GT-I9100G4.0.3
samsung GT-I95054.2.2
Fly IQ245Plus2.3.6
CJ-ThL CJ-ThL V94.0.3
LENOVO Lenovo P700i4.0.4
alps JY-G24.0.4
RIM Q102.3.3
motorola Milestone X22.3.6
Micromax A1164.1.2
motorola DROID RAZR4.1.2
samsung SAMSUNG-SGH-T9894.2.2
samsung GT-S53604.1.1
samsung GT-I91004.2.2
alps Qumo Quest 5704.1.1
alps iPhone54.2.0
sprd S9304.0.3
alps GVON 8984.1.2
Sony Ericsson ST25a2.3.7
samsung GT-S5360B2.3.5
alps w5004.1.1
Sony Ericsson MT15i4.0.4
LGE LG-E4052.3.6
Sony LT22iALIENWARE 1.4 by S3V3N
Sony C66034.1.2
Huawei U88604.1.2
kyocera C51704.0.4
ZTE V9704.0.3
alps FLY IQ2562.3.6
POLYTRON W24304.0.4
Micromax A572.3.5
Q-Smart Q-Smart S204.0.4
unknown IKIDS E84.1.1
samsung GT-S75624.0.4
samsung SGH-S959G2.3.6
HUAWEI M8652.3.6
samsung GT-I93004.2.2
PIPO M34.1.1
samsung GT-I81904.1.2
HUAWEI U95004.0.3
alps IMO S884.0.4
HTC ZeJstersHD24.1.2
alps e1908_v77_jbl1ntv4.0.4
LGE LG-P7134.1.2
Samsung GT-I81504.1.2
JYT JY-G34.1.2
LGE LG-P350g2.2.2
alps TM-53774.0.4
JIAYU G2S4.1.2
Sony Ericsson ST18i4.2.1
RIM Z102.3.3
RIM 10 Dev Alpha2.3.3
samsung Galaxy Nexus4.2.2
samsung GT-P51134.1.1
alps 9300mini4.1.1
Micromax A90S4.0.4
HTC One S4.1.1
MT6515M 65154.0
Sony Ericsson LT28h4.0.4
samsung GT-N71004.1.2
alps 71004.1.1
Sony Ericsson SK17a2.3.3
Smartfren Andromax U4.0.4
HTC Sensation XE with Beats Audio Z715e4.0.4
LGE Nexus 44.2.1
LGE LG-E6124.0.3
samsung GT-S5830C2.3.6
JYT JY-G34.0.4
HUAWEI U81862.3.6
samsung SGH-T989D4.0.3
Sony Ericsson ST17i4.0.4
ZTE Blade4.1.2
alps MAGIC_W8004.0.3
Meizu M0404.1.1
alps A350 TV2.3.6
HTC Desire C4.0.4
LGE LG-P7004.0.3
BIRDA iPhone 4S2.3.6
samsung SHW-M130K2.3.6
Fly Fly_IQ4504.0.4
samsung SCH-S720C2.3.6
unknown e1109_v73_gq1002_ctp2.3.6
HUAWEI CM9802.3.5
alps B924.0.4
Micromax A1004.0.4
samsung GT-P31004.0.4
samsung GT-S56702.3.7
GT-I9300 GT-I93004.1.9
Sony ST25i4.0.4
alps I93084.1.1
Micromax A452.3.6
asus PadFone 24.1.1
SHARP SH-12C2.3.3
HTC One X+4.1.1
LENOVO Lenovo K8604.1.2
samsung GT-I81904.1.1
alps Micromax A1104.0.4
LGE LG-F180L4.0.4
MID LC0809B4.0.3
samsung GT-S56602.3.6
MOTO XT9104.1.2
Sony LT30p4.0.4
HTC Desire HD4.2.1
samsung SHW-M110S2.3.5
samsung GT-I91004.2.1
Sony LT22i4.0.4
LENOVO Lenovo K8604.0.4
samsung GT-P75004.0.4
unknown e1103_v73_nd1ctp2.3.6
Philips W7324.0.3
samsung SPH-L7104.1.1
samsung Galaxy Nexus4.2.1
unknown Android on CapriBRT_edn15x4.1.2
samsung SAMSUNG-SGH-I7174.0.4
Mobiistar Touch Kem 4324.0.4
Hisense E8604.0.3
asus Transformer Prime TF2014.1.1
Sony Ericsson MK16i4.2
HUAWEI M8652.3.5
GT-I9300 GT-I93004.0.4
samsung GT-S53672.3.6
sprd GT-I93004.0.3
unknown Spring W-1004.0.3
samsung SGH-I90004.2
HTC PH441004.0.3
samsung GT-I8160L2.3.6
HTC HD2 leo4.0.4
SEMC Xperia Ray4.1.2
samsung SCH-I5354.1.2
alps e1909c_v77_gq1008_9p017_62284.0.9
LGE Nexus 44.2
HTC One X4.1.9
ThL CJ ThL4.0.4
samsung GT-P62103.2
samsung SGH-T9994.1.1
BIRD V12774.0.4
samsung SPH-L9004.1.1
HTC HTC6435LVW4.1.1
samsung SGH-T999V4.0.4
samsung SGH-I7474.1.1
samsung GT-N7000B4.0.4
Sony ST23i4.0.4
HTC VLE_U4.0.4
samsung SGH-T9994.1.2
samsung GT-N80004.0.4
samsung SCH-I5354.1.1
samsung SGH-I9974.1.2
samsung SAMSUNG-SGH-t9994.1.2
samsung SAMSUNG-SGH-I7474.1.2
HTC Desire S4.1.2
motorola MB8604.1.2
Fly IQ4404.0.4
HTC HD24.0.4
Samsung GT-I90014.0.4
samsung SAMSUNG-SGH-T9894.1.2
GIGABYTE GSmart G1317D2.2.2
Motorola MB5264.1.2
Motorola XT8904.0.4
samsung GT-S5300B2.3.6
samsung GT-I90004.1.2
Micromax A752.3.5
Samsung SGH-T9894.1.2
LGE LG-SU7604.0.4
HTC One S4.1.2
HTC EndeavorU4.1.1
unknown T9199+2.3.5
HTC myTouch 4g4.0.4
HTC PG86004.1.2
Sony Ericsson R800x2.3.3
samsung GT-I9100G4.1.2
samsung SGH-I7774.1.2
ZTE Skate4.1.2
SEMC Xperia Neo V4.1.2
Sony LT29i4.0.4
asus ASUS Transformer Pad TF700T4.1.1
HTC One XL4.0.4
LGE LG-P9904.1.2
LGE LG-P9992.3.4
HTC One X4.1.1
samsung GT-P73203.2
HTC One X4.1.2
samsung Galaxy Nexus4.2
Fly IQ2452.3.6
samsung SPH-L7104.0.4
Sony Ericsson LT15i4.0.4
samsung EK-GC1004.1.1
HTC Sensation Z710e4.0.3
LENOVO Lenovo P7004.0.3
motorola XT9104.0.4
samsung SHV-E250K4.1.1
LGE LG-P7604.0.4
alps I93004.1.1
HTC Desire C4.0.3
Sony Ericsson ST15i4.0.4
HTC Desire HD4.1.2
samsung SGH-T9894.0.4
Hisense AD683G4.0.4
Fly Fly IQ2452.3.6
HTC HUAWEI-U88502.3.7
MID Novo7Fire4.0.4
GIGABYTE GSmart G13552.3.4
HTC NexusHD24.1.2
Sony Ericsson ST15i2.3.5
GIGABYTE GSmart G13452.3.4
HTC Desire S2.3.7
samsung GT-S5360B2.3.6
Sony Ericsson ST15a2.3.3
alps ZP300+4.0.4
samsung Galaxy Nexus4.1.2
samsung GT-I93004.1.2
alps 792TPC4.0.4
samsung GT-I91004.1.2
unknown JC-S92202.3.6
samsung Nexus S4.1.2
Explay Explay_Advance4.0.3
LGE GT5402.3.3
unknown TM-97204.0.4
Acer E3102.2.2
samsung GT-S56702.3.4
Samsung GT-I57002.2.3
samsung GT-N71004.1.1
HTC One S4.0.4
unknown Haier HW-W9104.1.1
Sony ST21i4.0.4
samsung YP-G702.3.6
unknown LV3(3G)4.0.3
HUAWEI MTC 9502.2.1
Sony Ericsson ST15i2.3.7
LGE LG-P3502.3.7
HTC Sensation4.1.2
YuLong 81904.0.3
LEADCORE L18104.0.3
unknown T216.A022.3.3
unknown Haier HW-W9104.0.4
motorola MB8654.0.4
Sony MT27i4.0.4
samsung GT-I93004.1.1
samsung SHW-M250L4.0.4
ZTE ZTE V880E2.3.6
ZOPO ZP2002.3.6
motorola MB5254.0.3
samsung SHW-M250S4.0.3
samsung SHV-E160L4.0.3
samsung SHV-E210K4.0.4
HTC Desire HD4.0.4
FUJITSU F-05D2.3.5
samsung SC-01D4.0.4
SHARP IS032.2.1
LGE L-04C2.2.2
FUJITSU F-12C2.3.4
HTC ISW12HT2.3.4
HTC PC361002.3.4
samsung SC-06D4.0.4
Sony Ericsson LT22i4.0.4
intel RHB4.0.4
TCT Vodafone Smart II2.3.7
google Galaxy Nexus4.0.3
unknown Full AOSP on Maguro4.0.1
samsung GT-S55702.3.5
samsung GT-S58304.0.3
samsung SGH-T9994.0.4
HTC EVO4.0.4
samsung Nexus S4.1.1
samsung SHV-E160S4.0.4
Motorola XT5354.0.4
HTC Sensation4.1.1
HTC Incredible S4.0.4
Motorola MB5254.1.1
alps ZP3004.0.3
HTC PC361004.1.1
samsung GT-I92202.3.5
Samsung SCH-I5002.2.1
Samsung GT-I90014.1
samsung GT-I85302.3.6
Sony Ericsson MT11i4.0.4
alps e1809c_v75_gq1008_9p0174.0.3
Sony Ericsson LT26i4.0.4
Sony Ericsson MK16i4.0.4
samsung GT-I91004.1.1
unknown NX-A75002.2.2
Texas_Instruments_Inc Talos104.0.4
ZTE V92.3.7
motorola 201M4.0.4
motorola MB8602.3.5
samsung SCH-I5354.0.4
samsung Galaxy Nexus4.1.1
unknown Full AOSP on Maguro4.
LGE LG-E5102.3.6
Sony Ericsson WT19i4.0.4
HTC Sensation XL with Beats Audio X315b4.0.3
Sony Ericsson SK17i4.0.4
HTC NexusHD24.0.4
samsung Galaxy Nexus4.1
samsung GT-I5510T2.3.6
Sony Ericsson ST18i4.0.4
alps LT26i4.0.3
alps B794.0.3
Sony Ericsson LT18i4.0.4
unknown A72.3.6
samsung GT-I90702.3.6
motorola MB8552.3.5
LGE LG-P3502.2.2
HTC Nexus One4.0.4
samsung GT-I81602.3.6
Xiaomi MI-ONE Plus4.0.4
samsung GT-I9000B4.0.4
LGE LG-P5004.0.4
samsung GT-I81502.3.5
samsung GT-I9100P2.3.4
samsung GT-S6500D2.3.6
HTC Sensation Z710e4.0.3
Sony Ericsson MT27i2.3.7
Xiaomi MI-ONE C12.3.5
unknown TABULET4.0.3
samsung GT-P68103.2
HUAWEI U92004.0.3
asus PadFone4.0.3
HTC Inspire 4G4.
Sony Ericsson LT22i2.3.7
HUAWEI U86502.3.3
samsung GT-S53632.3.6
HUAWEI MTC Mini2.2.2
Acer A1004.0.3
asus ASUS Transformer Pad TF300T4.0.3
HUAWEI U88152.3.6
HTC ZTE Skate2.3.5
HTC One X4.0.4
samsung GT-S56602.3.4
HTC GT-I93004.0.4
LGE LG Optimus One P5002.3.3
Sony Ericsson R800i2.3.7
HTC EVO 3D X515m4.0.3
samsung GT-I93004.0.4
HUAWEI U81802.2.2
samsung YP-G12.2.1
HTC Vision2.3.3
HTC Wildfire S A510e2.3.3
Acer S3002.3.3
ZTE ZTE Roamer2.3.4
Huawei U82202.3.7
LGE LG-E7392.3.6
samsung GT-I9100M2.3.3
Motorola Solutions ET12.3.4
Samsung GT-I55102.2
Sony Ericsson ST25i2.3.7
samsung SHV-E110S2.3.6
unknown e1108_v73_jbaol1g182.3.6
unknown huaqin73_gb2.3.4
Acer E3304.0.3
android Cyrus-Pad4.0.4
samsung GT-S5830Final 2.3.9
ACTION msm7227_ffa2.2.2
Sony Ericsson R800i2.3.2
zte X5002.3.4
samsung SCH-I5004.0.4
samsung GT-S58302.3.3
Samsung GT-S56604.0.4
samsung GT-I9100T2.3.6
samsung GT-S75002.3.6
samsung GT-I90012.3.3
Samsung GT-S56702.2.1
motorola MZ6014.0.3
samsung GT-B75102.2.2
HTC Sensation XL with Beats Audio X315e4.0.3
HTC PH391004.0.3
LGE LG-E5102.3.4
samsung GT-P31004.0.3
HTC Salsa C510e2.3.3
samsung GT-S53002.3.6
HUAWEI GS034.0.3
unknown GT-P62104.0.3
HUAWEI U88002.3.5
HTC Incredible S2.3.3
alps HTC ONE 4G+2.3.6
HUAWEI U8800pro4.0.4
samsung GT-I9100P4.0.3
Acer Liquid MT2.3.6
LGE GT5402.2.1
samsung GT-S53602.3.6
HTC PC361002.2
Huawei U81602.3.7
Sony Ericsson shakira2.3.7
LGE LG-P6902.3.3
samsung GT-I9000B2.2.1
HTC One V4.0.3
Sony Ericsson WT19a2.3.4
Sony Ericsson ST18i4.0.3
LGE LG-E4002.3.6
ZTE ZTE-T U8802.3.7
Bird HTC Desire HD2.3.5
samsung GT-P10002.3.7
unknown Android2.2.1
samsung YP-G702.3.5
unknown I042.3.4
Fly Fly_IQ2852.3.4
TCT ALCATEL_one_touch_9902.2.2
HUAWEI U88602.3.5
LGE LG-P6902.3.4
LGE LG-E7302.3.7
samsung GT-S5570I2.3.5
samsung SHV-E120S2.3.6
Bird Android2.3.5
acer Liquid Mt2.3.7
samsung GT-S56602.3.5
HTC Desire S4.0.4
Acer A1003.2
HTC NexusHD24.0.3
Sony Ericsson ST18i2.3.7
samsung GT-S56602.3.3
Sony Ericsson MK16i2.3.4
HUAWEI U88604.0.3
WA iDx72.3.4
HTC HD22.3.2
Micromax Micromax_A702.2.1
HTC Sensation XE with Beats Audio Z715e2.3.4
HTC Glacier2.3.7
LGE LG-SU6602.2.2
Sony Ericsson ST15i2.3.4
Meizu M92.3.5
Motorola XT5302.3.5
samsung GT-I9003L2.3.6
Sony Ericsson SK17i2.3.3
samsung GT-I92102.3.6
Motorola DROIDX2.3.7
HTC Sensation Z710e4.0.4
huawei u88602.3.7
Samsung SCH-I5002.3.5
HTC Desire HD2.3.7
HUAWEI U88004.0.4
samsung GT-I91034.0.3
HTC PC361002.3.7
LGE LG-P9302.3.5
HTC myTouch_4G_Slide2.3.4
Samsung GT-S56602.3.7
LGE LG-P9992.3.3
samsung SGH-T9594.0.3
samsung GT-I9100G2.3.4
HTC Sensation Z710a2.3.4
samsung GT-S55702.2.1
HTC Sensation XE with Beats Audio Z715a2.3.4
HTC Wildfire S2.3.7
samsung SCH-I5102.3.6
HTC ADR63002.2
Dell Inc. Dell Streak2.2.2
samsung GT-S5830i2.3.6
samsung SGH-T989D2.3.5
samsung GT-S55702.3.6
samsung GT-P10002.3.3
samsung GT-S5830M2.3.6
lge LG-P990h2.2.2
samsung GT-P62003.2
HTC Sensation kingdroid v11 sense
samsung SGH-T959V2.3.6
LGE LG-P990h2.3.4
asus Transformer TF1014.0.4
Sony Ericsson E10i2.3.7
LGE ArcoverMode2.3.7
samsung SGH-I7772.3.6
samsung Galaxy Nexus Gsm4.0.4
samsung SGH-T9594.0.4
samsung GT-S58302.3.4
samsung SGH-I7772.3.7
samsung GT-I9100Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich XXLPH
motorola MotoA9532.3.4
unknown WG20002.2.2
samsung GT-I55002.3.7
HTC Wildfire S A510e2.3.5
ZTE Blade2.3.7
samsung YP-G702.2.2
HTC Desire2.3.4
samsung GT-S58304.0.1
LGE LG-P9202.2.2
HUAWEI U8800Pro2.3.5
HTC CreativESense2.3.5
LGE LG-E510f2.3.4
HTC Vision4.0.4
samsung GT-I58002.2
Sony Ericsson LT15i2.3.3
samsung GT-S58302.3.5
Sony Ericsson R800i2.3.4
samsung GT-P10004.0.3
HTC Desire S2.3.3
LGE LG-P920h2.3.6
Sony Ericsson E15i2.3.7
Sony Ericsson LT15a2.3.3
Android GT-N70004.0.3
samsung GT-P1000L2.3.6
Samsung GT-S5570L2.2.1
Sony Ericsson LT15a2.3.4
LGE LG-P5002.2
LGE LG-P920h2.2.2
Sony Sony Tablet S3.2.1
lge LG-P9992.3.7
Sony Ericsson LT15i2.3.7
samsung GT-I90032.2.1
motorola MotoroiX2.2
HTC ADR63002.3.4
HTC ADR6400L2.3.7
samsung SGH-I8974.0.3
HTC Wildfire S2.3.3
motorola DROID BIONIC2.3.4
Sony Ericsson R800a2.3.4
motorola A9532.3.4
motorola XT6102.3.6
motorola MB8602.2.2
motorola XT8602.3.6
unknown e1103_v73_jhgg1ctp2.3.6
samsung GT-P10102.2.1
Sony Ericsson WT19i2.3.4
samsung GT-I90002.3.5
LGE LG-P970h2.3.4
ZTE Light2.2
samsung Nexus S 4G4.0.3
samsung GT-S55702.3.7
Sony Ericsson ST15a2.3.4
Samsung GT-N70002.3.4
Acer A1003.2.1
motorola MB5252.2.1
Samsung SPH-D7002.3.6
samsung GT-S58302.3.6
Motorola Xoom4.0.4
HTC ADR63002.3.7
Sony Ericsson ST18i2.3.4
Acer A5003.2.1
Sony Ericsson U20i2.3.7
motorola Xoom3.2
HTC Legend2.2
HTC Legend2.3.7
samsung GT-S5830L2.3.6
samsung GT-P1000L2.2.1
samsung GT-I90012.3.5
unknown HD7+2.3.5
lge LG-P9992.2.2
LGE LG-P500h2.2
samsung GT-I90002.3.3
Sony Ericsson X10i2.3.3
samsung GT-I91032.3.5
HTC T-Mobile G22.3.7
HTC Sensation 4G2.3.4
samsung SGH-T9892.3.5
HTC Nexus One2.3.6
samsung GT-I91032.3.6
HTC Wildfire2.2.1
HTC Explorer A310e2.3.5
HUAWEI U86502.3.6
Acer A5003.2
Sony Ericsson MK16a2.3.4
HTC Sensation Z710e2.3.4
motorola MB8602.3.6
samsung GT-S5830L2.3.4
HTC Incredible S2.3.5
HTC Sensation XL with Beats Audio X315e2.3.5
Samsung GT-I5500L2.2
Geeksphone Geeksphone ZERO2.3.7
samsung GT-P75103.1
samsung GT-S58302.2.1
samsung GT-I9003L2.2.1
asus Transformer TF1014.0.3
motorola XT9102.3.5
motorola MB5252.3.4
samsung GT-P73003.2
samsung GT-I90012.3.4
HTC T-Mobile myTouch 3G Slide2.2.1
samsung GT-I90032.3.6
HTC Sensation4.0.3
Motorola MB5264.0.4
LGE LG-P9902.3.4 Opti v-1.3.4
samsung GT-S56702.3.6
Sony Ericsson X10a2.3.3
motorola MZ6053.2
Sony Ericsson mimmi2.3.7
Sony Ericsson SK17a2.3.4
samsung GT-I9100Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich DXLP7
Sony Ericsson MT15a2.3.4
samsung Galaxy Nexus4.0.1
samsung GT-I90002.3.4
Samsung SGH-T9592.2
samsung GT-I91002.3.3
motorola A9532.3.6
HTC Desire2.3.5
samsung GT-I90032.3.7
motorola MB5262.3.5
samsung GT-I90002.3.7
lge LG-P9702.2.2
Sony Ericsson LT15i4.0.3
HUAWEI U86502.3.5
Xiaomi MI-ONE Plus2.3.5
samsung GT-I90032.3.5
Acer A5004.0.3
HTC Vision2.3.5
samsung GT-I90012.3.6
samsung GT-N70004.0.3
Sony Ericsson LT15i2.3.4
motorola DROIDX2.3.4
motorola MB5262.3.6
motorola MB8552.3.4
motorola MB5252.2.2
LGE LG-P9904.0.4
HTC EVO 3D X515m2.3.5
unknown SGH-I8974.0.3
HTC Incredible 22.3.5
Motorola DROID24.0.4
LGE LG-P9202.3.5
samsung Nexus S4.0.3
samsung Crespo4.0.4
LGE VM6702.2.1
samsung SCH-I5004.0.3
HTC Sensation4.0.3
samsung GT-P75103.2
Sony Xperia Arc4.0.4
Sony Ericsson X10S2.3.4
samsung SPH-D7002.3.7
HTC Sensation 4G XE with Beats Audio4.0.3
samsung GT-I81502.3.6
HTC PG061002.3.7
samsung SGH-I7774.0.3
LGE LG-P9252.3.7
HTC Nexus One2.3.7p0
samsung SGH-I8974.0.4
TripNDroid Mobile Eng. Sensation4.0.4
HTC PG861002.3.4
LGE LG-P9252.3.5
ZTE tmn smart a72.3.5
LGE VS920 4G2.3.5
Sony Ericsson Xperia X102.3.9
samsung GT-I58002.3.7
motorola DROID RAZR2.3.6
HTC Wildfire2.3.7
motorola XT9102.3.6
samsung GT-I91032.3.4
Motorola Milestone4.0.3
samsung Nexus S2.3.7
HTC Flyer P510e3.2.1
Motorola MB8604.0.4
HTC ADR6400L2.3.4
HTC Sensation 4G with Beats Audio4.0.3
HTC Inspire 4G2.3.5
HTC Vision2.3.7
motorola DROID32.3.4
HTC glacier4.0.4
samsung SPH-D7104.0.4
HTC HD22.3.7
HTC Desire HD2.3.7
samsung SGH-I7774.0.4
asus Transformer Prime TF2014.0.3
samsung GT-I90032.3.4
samsung GT-N70004.0.4
Sony Ericsson X82.3.7
Sony Ericsson X10i2.3.4
HTC HD22.3.7
LGE GT5402.3.7
Acer Liquid2.3.7
Sony Ericsson MT15i2.3.7
HTC Sensation 4G4.0.4
HTC Sensation XE with Beats Audio Z715e4.0.3
motorola MB8652.3.6
Acer Iconia A5004.0.3
HTC Pyramid4.0.3
motorola DROID RAZR4.0.3
HTC Sensation 4G4.0.3
motorola MB5252.3.7
samsung Nexus S 4G4.0.4
samsung GT-P68003.2
HTC Incredible 22.3.7
motorola MB8602.3.7
HTC Desire S2.3.5
HTC PC361002.3.5
samsung SPH-D7102.3.6
HTC Desire4.0.4
Sony Ericsson MT11i2.3.4
Sony Ericsson LT18i4.0.3
HTC PG861002.3.5
Sony Ericsson MT11i2.3.7
Sony Ericsson MT11i4.0.3
HTC Amaze 4G2.3.4
samsung GT-I91002.3.7
HTC Nexus One2.3.7
LGE LG-P9994.0.4
Samsung GT-S58302.3.7
HTC EVO 3D X515a2.3.4
HTC EVO 3D X515m2.3.4
samsung Galaxy Nexus4.0.3
motorola DROIDX2.3.3
HTC Sensation Z710e4.0.3
HTC One X4.0.3
HTC Sensation4.0.4
HTC ADR6425LVW2.3.4
unknown GT-I90004.0.3
HTC Sensation4.0.4
samsung SHW-M250L4.0.3
samsung Nexus S4.0.4
Motorola MB5254.0.4
samsung SPH-D7104.0.3
HTC One S4.0.3
HTC Sensation XE with Beats Audio4.0.3
unknown Desire S4.0.4
samsung GT-I9100G2.3.6
Samsung Galaxy Nexus4.0.4
HTC ADR6425LVW4.0.3
Motorola MB8554.0.4
HTC Desire HD2.3.5
LGE LG-P5002.3.3
samsung GT-I55002.2
LGE LG-P9702.3.4
samsung GT-I91004.0.3
samsung GT-I90004.0.4
Acer Iconia A5004.0.4
HTC Desire2.3.7
Motorola MB5262.3.7
Sony Ericsson X10i2.3.7
HUAWEI U88602.3.6
Sony Ericsson LT18i2.3.4
samsung GT-I90002.3.6
Sony Ericsson LT18i2.3.7
LGE Optimus 2X2.3.7
samsung GT-I91004.0.4
LGE LG-P7252.3.6
HTC ADR6425LVW4.0.4
HTC Desire HD4.0.4
samsung Galaxy Nexus4.0.2
samsung GT-N70002.3.6
samsung GT-S61022.3.6
motorola MB8604.0.3
HTC Desire HD A91912.3.5
samsung GT-N70002.3.5
Bird Android2.3.4
HTC PH391002.3.4
motorola MB8602.3.4
SXZ SXZ-PD104.0.3
HTC Vision4.0.3
samsung GT-I91002.3.5
samsung GT-S53602.3.5
Sony Ericsson SK17i2.3.4
samsung GT-I91002.3.4
Sony Ericsson LT26i2.3.7
Sony Ericsson MT15i2.3.4
Motorola MZ6043.2
samsung GT-P75003.2
samsung GT-S55702.3.4
samsung GT-I91002.3.6
LGE LG-P5002.3.7
samsung SGH-T9892.3.6
HTC T-Mobile myTouch 3G2.2.3
HTC Desire HD2.3.3
HTC Desire2.2.2
samsung GT-I90004.0.3
Motorola Milestone2.3.7
HTC Desire2.3.3
LGE LG-P9902.3.4
Motorola Milestone2.2.1
samsung GT-I90002.2
HTC Desire2.2
lge LG-P9902.2.2
HTC Desire HD2.3.5
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