Imatest Partnership

  • Integrate Imatest IT and test charts into SoMA

  • Take advantage of Imatest’s implementation of ISO and CPIQ standards

  • Use the same algorithms as your Imatest Master software
  • SoMA

  • Automated testing system
  • Revolutionizing camera testing
  • Produce higher quality products
  • Get your products into the marketplace sooner
  • CamSpeed

  • A mobile app for camera speed measurements
  • Support new features from Android Camera 2 API
  • Includes access to Sofica Benchmark Database
  • Request a free demo here.
  • Check online results here.
  • SoMA

    Automated Camera Testing System
    – Maximize productivity, improve quality!


    Sofica Benchmark Report provides objective data of your product’s performance.


    How good is your phone camera? Find out now, it’s free!

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